• No Melt Makeup

    For a beautiful look all day. A foundation that won’t melt off your face. ...Read more

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  • Face the Day Service

    Face the Day Service – Anytime, Anywhere! An app based service that helps you get-ready for the day. ...Read more

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  • Hydra Massage

    One-stop face care solution just for you. A hand held portable device that makes face care routine easy to follow. ...Read more

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  • Dawn to Dusk

    An eye shadow kit in minutes. A shadow kit that helps women make successful makeup transitions. ...Read more

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  • No Dry Haircare

    No dry, No fuss A hair care system that nourishes your hair while drying it and gives you hair care tips anytime, anywhere. ...Read more

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  • Mirror, Mirror

    Mirror Mirror – The best you, every time! The digital solution that helps you work your look - every day. ...Read more

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